The Impossible Quiz Unblocked

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Q43What This Game Is About?
In fact, the impossible quiz is not a game, it's a quiz. You have to complete more than 120 questions and find the correct answers to all of them. Remember that the questions are really difficult and the best way to achieve success is to remember the correct answers for all the questions.

How to play The Impossible Quiz Unblocked

Just like other quiz games, here all actions are made using mouse. At the beginning of the quiz, you have to click the BEGIN button and the first question will appear on the screen. Simply choose the correct answer - A,B,C or D and click it. If it's correct, you will move to the next question. Remember that some questions don't have answers at all, you have to find them on your own. The difficulty of the questions is rising as you progress in this quiz, but the overall difficulty can be described in one simple word - IMPOSSIBLE.

You have 3 lives in the game. That's not enough to complete the quiz at first try but anyway it's useful. Some of the question have limited time. These are called the bomb questions. Watch the bomb on the sceen - you will have only 10 seconds to find the correct answer.

Can I play the impossible quiz at school?
Yes, sure. You can play the impossible quiz unblocked at our website. The website is unblocked at school so you won't have problem loading it and enjoying. Have some fun.